185/60R14 ROSAVA ITEGRO H 82

185/60R14 ROSAVA ITEGRO H 82

  • Výrobca: ROSAVA Ukrajina
  • Kód produktu: 4823100300353
  • Dostupnosť: Čakáme na dodanie


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Hmotnosť (kg) 7
Sekčná šírka pneumatiky (mm) 189
Priemer pneumatiky (mm) 578
Catalog No 4823100300353
Disk (vonkajší priemer) 14
Doporučený disk 5 1/2 J
Druh pneumatiky Osobná pneumatika
Maximálna nosnosť (kg) 475
Maximálny tlak (kPa) 280
Rozmer 185/60R14
Využitie Osobná pneumatika
Brzdná dráha mokro B
Hlučnosť / dB 2 (71dB)
Valivý odpor E
Sezóna Letná



ROSAVA ITEGRO tyre is a single point of contact between car and road, that provides safety with driving pleasure. It integrates innovative technology and design solutions to achieve the ideal balance between essential technical characteristics and increased customer requirements. Up-to-date tread pattern design, laconic forms of its elements as well as unique properties of rubber compound ingredients provide great handling in sunshine and in rainy weather.
SILANIZATION technology is an innovative method of mixing rubber of new generation and with high content of silica by applying coupling component organosilane in the manufacture process of rubber compound for tyre tread. The result is an excellent gripping of tyre on dry and wet surfaces and reduced rolling resistance, which in its turn reduces fuel consumption.
Increased tyre life


Rubber compounds of internal layers on the basis of natural rubber increase tyre service life. Great number of "rain elements" in different blocks of tread accelerates water drainage, providing excellent tyre performance on wet surface.


Solid center rib of trapezoidal shape provides high roadholding ability of the car at any speed rate. Special design of wide longitudinal grooves improves gripping characteristics on dry road.
Arc-shaped grooves, that have different depth along the length, increase the rigidity of lateral rib thereby improving road-holding ability and handling. Shoulder ribs are designed as solid ones to increase rigidity that means to increase grip on dry road including road-holding ability when turning.


Lateral grooves of the shoulder area enhance heat elimination preventing overheating of the tyre, and as a result – the tyre service life is increased. Narrow longitudinal groove of the shoulder block provides additional heat removing.

5-step configuration of tread pattern elements reduces resonance noise and vibration. Many small oval-shaped cavities in the circumferential rib suppress noise. The noise level is significantly decreased due to gradual structure of arc-shaped grooves.



  • - je číslo 1 medzi výrobcami pneumatík na Ukrajine
  • - má 45 ročnú tradíciu a skúsenosti
  • - produkuje viac ako 6 miliónov pneumatík ročne a počet sa stále zvyšuje
  • - líder ukrajinského trhu s pneumatikami - zaberá 40% ukrajinského trhu
  • - 50% produkcie exportuje